Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who Will You Love?

Romans 12:9 "Don't just pretend to love others, really love them."

Sometimes it seems easier to "love" others half-way and it becomes like fake love. It's easiest to respond this way to people who annoy, frustrate and make our lives more challenging. It's amazing how I learn to love the ones in my life better who are easy to love by practicing genuine love on people in my life who are difficult to love.

I have been so encouraged this morning is many ways after reading Romans chapter 12. God's word comes to life for me every time I open it. It truly is a changing from the inside out. Physically, I wake up most mornings feeling "fluish." Between allergies, nausea and exhaustion, it feels like I have to literally "peel" myself out of bed. Please don't mistake me for being a complainer, i'm simply sharing my reality. But this morning my devotion from "Jesus Lives" by Sarah Young (I highly recommend "Jesus Calling" also) spoke to living in constant hope. Because hope transcends our circumstances. Whether we are sad or happy, broken or encouraged, the hope we have in the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ is the joy we have to keep us going through another day. And simply calling upon the name of Jesus has healing power. I am being honest with you when I say that I already feel a whole lot better this morning...even physically. My body is weak, but my hearts desire to serve and honor God is still strong. And through that committment to my father, HE is my strength. Not my own body. Praise God for His never-ending faithfulness even through the daily struggles of this life.

Romans chapter 12 - probably one of my new favorite passages in the Bible. And to think i've read it before, it means so much more to me now than at other times. That's how God's word comes to life!

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