Sunday, September 19, 2010

Half the Distance, Twice the FUN!

Aaron and I ran our very first half-marathon together today! We've both done them before, but never together so this one was extra special. It's wonderful to face such an incredible challenge with the love of your life! The race overall was AMAZING. The weather was perfect - about 70-75 (a little chilly when we first started...but who's complaining?!? I'm just thrilled it's not humid!!) There were about 4,000 people racing and we finished right in the middle. I PR'd at 2:15 on the dot - WOO HOO!! I hadn't even done that well in any of my training runs! I was shooting for 2:30, so I'm definitely pumped about how well we finished.

It was the first ever race across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge which connects VA to Maryland. It started at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate (where we got engaged) and went all along the GW parkway into Alexandria, across the WW bridge and ended at Maryland's National Harbor right on the waterfront. If you're thinking it sounds beautiful, it WAS! We felt awesome the entire run, including the uphill run for half of the 2.5 mile bridge. At the start of the bridge, there was a sign that read "Welcome to the Rude Awakening." Uhhhh, excuse us?? Not what we want to read at mile 8! It was pretty funny. And for the record, there's a statue at national harbor that has a huge hand coming out of sand and it's called "The Rude Awakening." So I guess that's where they came up with the clever idea (Ha...Ha.....sarcasm!) Mile 11 was the hardest (the true "rude awakening") because it was entirely up-hill, so that was the point where my body said, "Ummmmm...STOP NOW PLEASE!" But of course I pushed through it and we finished strong. Up until that point, I really hadn't felt tired at all.

Aaron did an incredible job for not training nearly as much as I did. He has a runner's body, which i'm a bit envious of, so running comes a little more natural for him. My man was sweet enough to let me cross the finish line I have the best husband or what?!? Especially considering that he is very competative. ;)

The question continues to come up as to when I plan to run my first marathon, and my answer continues to be the same....I don't have ANY plans for that! I just haven't felt the desire to do one, or put my body through it! It's funny how you forget just how tough the end of these races are until you do it, but of course we come back and do them again...and again!! (I wonder if this is what child birth is like??) So everytime I hit mile 12, a marathon sounds terrible! Haha! We hope to do some more races over the next year and see how things go! I can't get enough of running - It's such a spiritual experience for me....more time to talk to God (as I realize how weak I am in and of myself) and I think of the scripture Hebrews 12:1-2 that talks about throwing off anything that entangles us (destructive sin) and running the race with perseverance while fixing our eyes on Jesus (who went before us to prepare a place in Heaven.) Oh what a wonderful image that comes to my mind when I think on that!

Our "Iron-Man/Iron-Woman" pose

The beautiful view from the WW bridge

This man was my hero of the day.

Trying to catch a good picture during the race...we sort-of failed!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mullet Memories

I was looking back through some of our wedding pictures just the other day and came across this beauty. I still can't believe more than two years have gone by! What a fun day this was and i'm glad our photographers got so many great shots. Leave it to my dad to bring this bad boy wig to our wedding. And leave it to my husband to rock it on the way to the reception. I have a FUN family!