Thursday, September 15, 2011

While You Were Sleeping

During Casey's 2.5 afternoon nap, I made this! I've been looking around for just the right blue-beaded nacklace for months now. Everything I found was either not quite right or too expensive. So I walked up to The Potomac Bead Company today on King Street and bought all the things I needed to create my own necklace. I've discovered that jewelry making might just be my new crafting obsession! After a quick tutorial from the store saleswoman, I whipped this up in about 25 minutes at home. It's a good thing it was a quick DIY project because Casey woke up screaming about 2 minutes after its completion! Tis life! :)

P.S. I really need a better camera. And speaking of cameras, I'm eyeing this even though it would be just for fun. Who doesn't LOVE instant pictures?!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Three Months!

Holy smokes! We have a THREE month old in da house! I feel like a broken record, but time sure flies. It's true! But we fall more and more in love with Case every single day. He cracks us up all the time with his sweet smiles and coos. He talks to me while I nurse him now. It melts this mama's heart! He will often look up at me inbetween sucks and just coo away with smiles, then he goes back to his grubbin' business. It's adorable.

Also, his latest thing is that he really grabs now! Just last week he did this:

On Friday, he grabbed his burp cloth and pulled it up over his face a few times. I got so excited! You gotta enjoy each and every little thing as a parent. It's all so special!

His cry no longer sounds like a newborn, but more like a baby. Anyone who has children knows exactly what i'm talking about. It's bittersweet to watch our handsome boy grow up! Each new phase brings new joy, but it also comes at the cost of leaving things behind. He is most certainly not a "little" baby anymore. He just weighed in at almost 13 lbs. this past week! But in many ways, he will ALWAYS be my baby (even when he's 40!) Our life was truly so dull without him...we just didn't know it at the time. :) Case is a very, very smiley baby. He likes to smile with his mouth wide open just like his daddy did when he was a baby.

He was supposed to have his first plane ride experience, but plans took a huge turn. I think most people know now that we're moving to San Antonio Texas! Aaron took a promotion with his engineering firm and their main office is located there. We should have been there for the holiday weekend looking for a rental house, but there was a terrible accident on the way to the airport and we missed our flight. We literally sat on the freeway for hours. I feel awful for whoever was involved, but the timing of everything couldn't have been worse. Southwest said we could fly on stand-by the next day for free, but we would have to be on stand-by out of Baltimore then again at a connection before getting to San Antonio. There was just no way we were gonna do this with a baby on a holiday weekend, especially if we got stuck in some random place unable to get a connection. There's literally no other time we can fly out before we actually move, so now we're working with an agent to apply for a rental sight-unseen. I'm not at all thrilled about this because it was really important to me that we familiarize ourselves a bit with area and find a place we felt safe in. Aaron will be traveling one week out of each month with his company. But, for reasons we may never know, God clearly didn't want us in Texas this weekend.

Casey will now have his first plane ride experience when just he and I fly out to Seattle on the 22nd of September to visit family for two weeks. Aaron's mom is flying down from Alaska so we are SO excited to have this time with everyone before our big move! Pray for me though - I'm honestly nervous about a 5 hour flight by myself with the little man! Plane rides make me anxious anyway. But i'm sure we'll be just fine.