Sunday, November 16, 2008

Taking a stroll...

Yep, down memory lane. I'm really missing my college days/friends and these pictures make me feel a whole lot better!

Classy moment with Jules

Cooking brings out the "weird" with Elise.

Lego Darth Vador!!

Melissa loves technology.

In honor of GW. We'll forever miss your enthusiasm each time we walked into the room!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Land of the Free....

Because of the brave. You've heard it a lot. But oh how true it is. And we can rest assured in knowing that the God we love and serve has conquered the world and holds us in His hands.

...In the world, you are having tribulation, but take courage! I have conquered the world.

John 16:33

Tuesday was a busy day for me. Our office was closed on Monday (bummer, since Aaron had the actual Veterans Day off) but we both observed the importance of the day in different ways. He hung with his Air Force buds and played some football. I always enjoy seeing those guys take a break because it seems like they work non-stop.

I stepped out of the office for a little over an hour on Veterans Day to attend the ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. I hopped on the metro to get there and sat next to an older man with a hat that said "Navy" across the top. I thanked him for his service. He said, "Oh, it was a really long time ago." "That doesn't matter," I told him. "You served and for that i'm thankful."

I jumped off the metro and was in a hurry (I was running late) and met face to face with a young army soldier who was missing his leg. He was pushing his little boy in a stroller while he waved his American flag back and fourth. It was priceless. I began to sob as I reached for his arm to thank him. He was so gracious and humble. I was just overtaken with emotion for such sacrafice.
As a military wife, I immediately thought of his spouse. Thank the Lord, he made it home.

Arlington Cemetery was probably the most beautiful i've ever seen it. The day was crisp, the sun shining and the sky was incredibly blue. I wish I had pictures, but I think this particular day is better ingrained in my mind because pictures couldn't have done it half the justice.

My hope is that we can all take time out - any day of the week, month or year - to thank those who defend our freedom.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Congrats, Marcus and Teniece!!

Exciting news! Marcus, another LT that works with Aaron, and his wife Teniece were due to have a baby in early December. The challenge was that Marcus was set to deploy in early November (I referenced this couple in a recent post).

Well, Marcus's little girl sure did want to see her daddy before he left to do his job in Iraq because she was born 5 weeks early, this past Saturday morning! Despite being early and very tiny (just 5 lbs.) there were no complications at all! Mom and baby are both healthy.

The amazing aspect of all of this is that little Sanai was born at 11 a.m. on Saturday. Marcus boarded his flight at 8 p.m. the same day bound for Iraq. What a miracle and a blessing! Marcus was able to hold his first baby in his arms just before taking off. Oh the joy! I just couldn't resist sharing this remarkable story!