Wednesday, May 25, 2011

38 Weeks - Are we done yet?!

Birthday dinner - Please excuse my terrible posture!

The anxiety is starting to set in. When will he get here? How much longer will I be pregnant, uncomfortable, tired, cranky, etc.?? I'm thankful i'm one of the lucky few who hasn't had ANY heart burn. But the backpain, pressure and cramping are making me look like i'm 90 years old when I walk around! I feel pretty yucky, but i'm hangin' in there. I think my biggest fear at this point isn't the labor, it's finding myself still pregnant at 42 weeks. That would mean 4 more weeks from now! I need to stop thinking that way!

So, let's talk about something HAPPY! Monday was my 27th Birthday and Aaron treated me to a romantic dinner at our favorite Italian place. It really reminds us of Italy. The food is all made from scratch and the Italian family who owns it has been running it for many, many years. We've had really hot, humid weather and it was storming a bit the night we went to dinner, but we still decided to sit outside at a table under an umbrella. The rain and the experience reminded us of our favorite night in Venice Italy almost two years ago. Aaron surprised me with a prenatal massage which I've already booked for next week (trying to stay busy!) I have the world's most wonderful husband! It was a bit strange to think that it was my last birthday without a baby! But we're ready for it. Come on little guy! We want to see you!

My next OB appointment is on Friday, so they'll finally be checking me to see the progress i've made...if any. Saying our prayers!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

37 Weeks!

Aaron with his fish - getting his "fix" before our baby boy makes his appearance!
Sam (Aaron's brother) and our buddy Stan

From what i've been reading, apparently 37 weeks is "technically" full-term. So can I say that we've arrived?! But I have a feeling this child is not coming out just yet. :) A few of my doctors have said he could come as late as June 11 because he measured slightly different on two early first trimester ultrasounds. Can they ever really know for sure?! I don't think so. I'm actually A-OK with it because i've already come this far....what's 3 more (or perhaps more!) weeks?? But I must say, this stage of the pregnancy is d-r-a-g-g-i-n g.....on......and......ON! There is nothing like the anticipation of seeing your first born's face - i'm convinced! What will he look like? Will he be even HALF as handome as Aaron?? Will he have dark hair? No hair? Curly hair? What will he weigh? What will it be like to touch his fingers and toes for the first time?? I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

I'm feeling pretty good for the most part. The baby is quite crowded, so i've been feeling a lot of discomfort on my pressure points and it knocks the wind out of me! I talked to the doctor on the phone about this and he said they may want to check those pressure points (not sure what that means, but maybe i'll find out tomorrow at my check-up). He is still moving regularly, but very slowly. I'm curious how he's positioned - though I know he's head down - because I never feel his feet kicking. I'm wondering if his legs are stretched out sideways instead of up?! So many questions!

I've continued to have "bouts" of morning sickness....oy. But I guess you could say i'm used to it now! Sad, isn't it? I haven't had any further signs of labor other than the usual cramping i've had since 34 weeks and a lot of pressure "downstairs" but for those who have had babies, I haven't yet experienced the other tell-tale signs of labor being on the horizon. I had one HUGE contraction a few nights ago. I thought for a moment it might have been the real thing. It wrapped around my entire lower back and stomach and was down-right PAINFUL! But it lasted about 20-30 seconds, went away and never returned...hmmmm.

Our fun May visitors have come and gone now. Aaron's brother Sam was here for about a week and the guys got a lot of fishing time in! Then Aaron's mom came to see us and just left yesterday. We loved having them both here! So now you can imagine me sitting around wondering what the heck to do with these last few weeks! Not so fun! But on the bright side, my 27th Birthday is next week, so i'm hoping for a romantic night out on the town.

Baby boy Meredith will be here before we know it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

But baby, what will we do?

Our worship pastor sang a song during our mother's day service yesterday and let me tell you, HOLY EMOTIONAL ME! Our pastor was preaching on the book of Proverbs and the importance of chapter 22, verse 6: "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." I think the reality that our son will learn from all we say and do is such a monumental responsibility! I know it might sound silly since i'm still pregnant (currently 36 weeks) but I know time will fly! First, I want to cherish all the moments when he's small and snuggly because I know the day may come when he's 14 and disinterested in my kisses and cuddles. And right now it may seem far off, but perhaps sooner than I think the day will come when he's married and having babies of his own. The best thing Aaron and I can do for him is to teach and direct him so that he can go out on his own to impact the world for good.

Aaron and I have a prayer for him that will eventually hang in his nursery. A good friend of our family painted a picture (a watercolor! Watch the video/song and you'll know why this is so fitting!) with the prayer on it:

*For Your Salvation: to have a place in the kingdom
*For godly character: to be a credit to the kingdom
*To become a servant of others: to be used to promote the kingdom

Above all other things, we pray he loves Jesus, but more importantly that he knows how much Jesus loves him. And also that he will have a heart for the world and desire to love ALL of God's human creation.

I actually grew up listening to this song in the 80's - gotta love the early Christian music movement! But it never meant much to me until now. The video is pretty old, so hopefully you can look past the rockin' hair do's and outfits from that era (or perhaps you're like me and still in love with it!) Either way, enjoy...and grab a tissue!

Watercolor Ponies by Wayne Watson

There are watercolor ponies on my refrigerater door
And the shape of something I don't really recognize
Drawn by careful little fingers and put proudly on display
A reminder to us all of how time flies

Seems an endless mound of laundry
And a stairway laced with toys
Gives a blow by blow reminder of the war
That we fight for their well-being
For their greater understanding
To impart a holy reverance for the Lord

But, baby, what will we do
When it comes back to me an you?
They look a little less like little boys every day
Oh, the pleasure of watching the children growing is mixed with a bitter cup
Of knowing the watercolour ponies will one day ride away

And the vision can get so narrow
As you view through your tiny world
And little victories can go by with no applause
But in the greater evaluation
As they fly from your nest of love
May they mount up with wings as eagles for His cause

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you search around for a cute laundry bag for your kid's clothes and all the hampers you find are too big, cheap-looking, not cute, etc.?? Well, you make one! I snagged this adorable fabric off (yes, I LOVE Amazon and pretty much buy everything from them) and made this laundry bag for just under $10. It's perfect! I'm really into the elephants and giraffes for this kid. We'll see when we go to actually decorate a nursery at some point if the theme sticks! Also, I had to show everyone a picture of his bed/stroller and diaper bag. I might have gone with a "cutesy" bag but thought better of it once I reminded myself that Aaron would NEVER hold or carry a cute bag for me. So, my decision came with alterior motives. :) Go Huskies!!

And here we are....35 weeks!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

35 Weeks....

I really want to post a picture, but I just don't have the energy to do it! I'm still waiting on some test results from my OB to make sure they diagnosed my infection correctly. In the mean-time, they told me to stay on bed rest. I've been feeling a lot of nausea off and on again for about the past week or so. It feels just like my earlier pregnancy morning sickness. This morning, I threw up while eating breakfast. I just feel DONE! Sorry I sound like a complainer....I know i'm being a complainer right now.....but this pregnancy thing is not for the faint of heart and it's feeling extra tough today. I've spent most of the last 8 months now feeling like I have a flu bug. :(

I'm feeling so ready and anxious to meet this little boy who is our son. I'm already so in love with him and I just want to look in wonder at his beautiful face! And i'll admit, i'd like to shed this pregnancy feeling too!!

My OB ran some test last week to determine if i'd go into labor within the next two weeks. She called and said it came back negative, so I guess we're in the "clear" for at least another 1.5 weeks. I have no clue how they can test for that! Pretty amazing I guess. Anyway, baby boy and I would love your prayers over the next few weeks. I know his birth date is in God's hands, not mine or anyone elses.

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.....