Wednesday, May 25, 2011

38 Weeks - Are we done yet?!

Birthday dinner - Please excuse my terrible posture!

The anxiety is starting to set in. When will he get here? How much longer will I be pregnant, uncomfortable, tired, cranky, etc.?? I'm thankful i'm one of the lucky few who hasn't had ANY heart burn. But the backpain, pressure and cramping are making me look like i'm 90 years old when I walk around! I feel pretty yucky, but i'm hangin' in there. I think my biggest fear at this point isn't the labor, it's finding myself still pregnant at 42 weeks. That would mean 4 more weeks from now! I need to stop thinking that way!

So, let's talk about something HAPPY! Monday was my 27th Birthday and Aaron treated me to a romantic dinner at our favorite Italian place. It really reminds us of Italy. The food is all made from scratch and the Italian family who owns it has been running it for many, many years. We've had really hot, humid weather and it was storming a bit the night we went to dinner, but we still decided to sit outside at a table under an umbrella. The rain and the experience reminded us of our favorite night in Venice Italy almost two years ago. Aaron surprised me with a prenatal massage which I've already booked for next week (trying to stay busy!) I have the world's most wonderful husband! It was a bit strange to think that it was my last birthday without a baby! But we're ready for it. Come on little guy! We want to see you!

My next OB appointment is on Friday, so they'll finally be checking me to see the progress i've made...if any. Saying our prayers!


Darren and Caitlin said...

You are beautiful! I'll be praying for as I know just how tired and uncomfortable you are!

Goin Crazy in Kansas said...

You are still just glowing!!! YOu are almost done. You are going to do great in labor and the next two [or maybe even one week ;)] are going to fly by. Most doctors only let you go 1 week over, buthopefully he will jsut come on his own. The best way to move things along (it worked for me) is doing what got you here in the first place. We are parying for you and cant wait to hear the good news!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you as you endure the final stretch! Won't be long now...see you SOON!