Thursday, June 2, 2011

39 Weeks....Whew!

Alright, so no picture this week, just an update! I saw my OB today and we've made more progress since last week. I'm 2 cm dialated and almost completely thinned out now (I was 90 percent effaced with less than 1/2 cm dialation last week). Dr. Anderson asked me about my contractions. My response was, "Hmmm....what contractions??" I say this because all I've really had is a ton of pressure downstairs and lots of painful menstrual-like cramping. She was surprised at my response because she said she could feel his head and in her words, "If this kid drops anymore, he'll fall right out!" Wow, wouldn't it be nice if labor could be that easy! Ahhh, now I have this Beach Boys song stuck in my head. Boy, I sure get distracted easily.

Anyway, I think this stage is rather frustrating because 2 cm could mean a lot, or very little. I could stay this way for another week....or TWO! Yikes. I've decided that this little guy is very much like his daddy - super chill with the patience of a SAINT. No joke. Aaron's amazing like that. I, on the other hand, don't even pray for patience because God sits up there on His Throne of Glory laughing at me (i'm sure.)

Well, I think i'll go take a long walk in this 90 degree, humid weather in hopes of dehydrating myself and starting contraction. Ok, JOKING about the dehydration part, but I admit i'm kinda curious about contractions so I hope they start. Yes, I will be retracting that statement once they're in full swing. And yes, I'll probably hit someone in the face. Hopefully you won't be the one in my way! ;)


Darren and Caitlin said...

So exciting!!!

Randy and Hilary said...

I can't wait! I am so excited for you!!!