Thursday, September 15, 2011

While You Were Sleeping

During Casey's 2.5 afternoon nap, I made this! I've been looking around for just the right blue-beaded nacklace for months now. Everything I found was either not quite right or too expensive. So I walked up to The Potomac Bead Company today on King Street and bought all the things I needed to create my own necklace. I've discovered that jewelry making might just be my new crafting obsession! After a quick tutorial from the store saleswoman, I whipped this up in about 25 minutes at home. It's a good thing it was a quick DIY project because Casey woke up screaming about 2 minutes after its completion! Tis life! :)

P.S. I really need a better camera. And speaking of cameras, I'm eyeing this even though it would be just for fun. Who doesn't LOVE instant pictures?!


Anonymous said... it! It looks like a trip to Shipwreck Beads might be in your future!

Can't wait to kiss Casey boy (and you too of course)!

Darren and Caitlin said...

He naps for 2.5 hrs!!! Amazing. Isaiah stopped that after he was 2 months.