Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Desperate Housemoms"

I'm going to steal my friend Mari's "Win/Fail" format for posting because it's perfect for how our flight from Seattle to Austin went down yesterday. Also, Casey turned FOUR MONTHS (I had to write that in caps because I still can't believe how fast he's growing up) on Monday! We simply love this kid more and more every single day. And because i'm drowning in a sea of setting up bills, trying to figure out why our movers won't be here within their contracted time-frame (ugh), changing our address, etc. etc. (the list of things to do literally goes on and on) I have no idea where my month stickers are for Case's picture, but probably packed away in the moving truck which is STILL in Virginia (another big UGH.) Anyway, I just think the "Desperate Housewives" show is so one really lives like that...or perhaps just crazy people do. But I do think a show called "Desperate Housemoms" would be PERFECT. I mean, the amount of juggling moms do with there time and their kids is seriously comical, right?? Oh, you all would have a hayday laughing fest if you were a fly on my wall today! So, yes, i'm a "Desperate Housemom" who had a desperate kind of day yesterday. Here it goes:

WIN: We made it to the airport in Seattle without missing our flight! Thank goodness we left in the am because by pm yesterday, the airport was FLOODED with Amanda Knox supporters and national media. Though I would have loved to greet her!

FAIL: I couldn't for the life of me get Casey to stop crying as we walked to our gate. Everyone around me was glaring at me as if to say, "Dear God, please do NOT let this girl be on my flight!"

WIN: I love that Alaska Airlines lets you board before everyone else including first class. YESSSSSSSS!

FAIL: I pumped before our flight in order to give Casey a bottle for take-off and landing because that way I can control his sucking a little better. This is truly not for feeding purposes as much as it is to help him clear his ears. I tried to thaw out my milk in the sink but there was no hot water. Actually, there was no water at all. So the flight attendent had to give me a barf bag filled with hot water. I about spilled it all over my lap. But in case you're wondering, they did have the water turned on by the time we took off.

WIN: Nobody came to sit in the middle seat of our row. That meant Casey layed out on that seat for two hours straight during the flight and smiled at me the entire time. My dream baby!

FAIL: We had a lot of turbulence and at one point the pilot told us we'd need to stay seated for at least 15 minutes. About 2 seconds after that annoucement we started bouncing around, dropping and coming back up, dropping and coming back up. Just then Casey took a huge poop. HUGE. It leaked out all up his back, down both of his legs and onto me, too.

WIN: This smarty-pants mama packed a change of clothes for Casey and for myself in the event that this would happen. One of about 1,928,000 reasons why I love and miss my cloth diapers. It's just easier to travel and move using disposables...but I can't wait to return to my new amazing diapering system. I haven't had a single leak! Darned disposables.

WIN: This month is the 4 year anniversary of Alaska Airlines flying to Hawaii, so they have really good Hawaiian inspired meals available in-flight for purchase. I got Chicken and soba noodles. It was pretty good for airline food!

FAIL: Casey has incredible timing. He will almost always fuss and get hungry right as i'm starting to eat (or as Aaron and I sit down to eat). Yesterday on the plane was no exception! So I tried to eat one-handed but this is not easy with stringy noodles. I dropped a big glob of them right on his head. About an hour later, I leaned down to kiss his head and it smelled of teriyaki sauce! Oops...

WIN: Casey fell asleep right before we landed so the trip ended well. :)

We have just the sweetest boy in the world. I love him as my travel companion and he reminds me to just take a deep breath and laugh at the craziness of life!


Darren and Caitlin said...

Such a great post! Sooooo true! Can I be your co-star?

The Kosturos Family said...

How wonderful!

Goin Crazy in Kansas said...

:) loved your post...i laughed because its all so true about moms and the crazy lives we lead! glad you made it safely and everyone survived :)