Friday, October 14, 2011

Just say "Cheer up, Charlie."

I recently realized that I never really blogged about our move. Not that it matters because most of the people who read my blog knew about it whether or not I "documented" it here, but I do like to get my thoughts out so I decided I'd give a quick update. I'm most definitely not in a place right now to even post pictures. In fact, my camera battery is still dead from my Washington trip which was now almost two weeks ago. That pretty much sums up how these past two weeks have gone!

I got to Texas and met Aaron in Austin on a Tuesday and we were planning for the movers to arrive on Friday. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and they ended up arriving 5 days later but that's how moving goes (as most other people know!) It was probably just as well, though, since I was still recovering from a sinus infection. It's such a bummer that I always manage to get sick when I visit Washington! I'm pretty sure it's from flying. So Friday non-moving-day (as we'll call it) came and went and we had the weekend in front of us. We got the keys to our house and ran to a few places that Saturday. It was strange to walk into Lowes with a list of things since we pretty much lived there 3 years ago when we were remodeling our first house as newly-weds! While in the store, I started to feel sick to my stomach but thought it was from riding in the back with Case (yes, I do this from time to time because it keeps him from screaming!) After a few hours, I knew I really wasn't feeling well at all. Then it hit - the awful stomach flu bug! Ack. Is it not the worst?? Thank goodness the flu usually only lasts 24 hours. It was at that point that I finally listened to my body which had been screaming for DAYS to please slow down! Last Sunday was quite honestly the first time in about 3 weeks that Aaron and I had actually sat down on the same couch together for longer than 10 minutes. It was absolutely necessary. Sadly, we apparently sat a bit too close to each other because I shared my flu bug with my handsome man. On the plus side, Casey was spared!

So now we're moved into our new rental house...well, I should clarify that we're "in" but certainly not settled. I won't be taking pictures anytime soon! Wow, moving with a baby is SO much more work. I get about 2 hours of stuff done in a day - all in about 15 minute increments! (Pause while I go re-paci my screaming child who needs to be sleeping!) Ok, whew. Speaking of my darling boy, he's now in his own room and crib! This is a huge step for us. Coming from a small one bedroom place, it's nice to have more space and I think it truly is healthier for all of us to have our "designated" rooms. But the first night was rough....for ME! I missed my little man being right next to me. But my big man is important. ;)

I'll be honest, if I may. This feels like a lonely town and I'm somewhat lost, for lack of a better term. We know one couple here - Our friends the Legacys. Aaron and Brian were stationed at Andrews AFB together. But they live about 20 minutes from our new place and they're also both working on their masters so they have quite the busy schedule. I met a friendly woman a few houses down, but so far the rest of the 'hood seems quiet, which has been a bit of a surprise to me. I know I can't possibly be the only SAHMama around here! I just said to Aaron tonight, "I know we'll make friends eventually, but right now if feels like we never will." Most of you know I can be a tad dramatic at times, so take that comment with a grain of salt, ok? I can't stop thinking about how much I wish our good friends were here with us. I miss our Virginia peeps (aka family) soooo much it hurts. Aaron must have known I was slipping into a "my life right now in a blog" type of post because he just brought over a pint of Blue Bell ice cream (a Texas favorite.) How is it that ice cream cures a multitude of depressing thoughts? Even for a girl with an on again, off again lactose intolerance? Somehow it does (aren't you enjoying my play-play comments here?)

Well, here we are in Texas, and I'm so happy that I have my little man with me day to day to brighten my life. He, even more so than Blue Bell ice cream, truly makes my life so wonderful.

I promise I will attempt to make my next post more uplifting! But I truly needed an honest moment. Don't we all?

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Gretchen said...

I always get sick when I fly, but my chiropractor recommended elderberry (available in pills or drops) a few days before travel AND I DIDN'T GET SICK THIS TIME!

Give it a try next time you travel :) I'll be praying you make some awesome mama connections soon!