Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Baby Shower

Aaron getting all prepped for diaper changes!

Aaron with his boss, AnnMarie

Our diaper cake, courtesy of Jen!

Some of the finished burp cloths i've been sewing (plus a few more patterns i'll be using.) One side is a cloth diaper, the other a fun pattern. Totally not necessary but oh-so-fun!

More hand-made burp cloths and blankets made for me by friends Jen Naipo - from back home in Olympia, and Brooke Johnson - the wife of a Major Aaron works with.

The dress I made...perfect for pregnancy and after!
Wow, first off, we are SO BLESSED. We couldn't ask for better friends than the ones we have. Jen, the wife of one of the Colonels Aaron works with, planned this amazing lunch/brunch baby shower for us and it was a blast! She even had a friend make an incredible peanut butter chocolate chip cheese cake. Um, YES! Aaron's boss was in town for meetings, so it was wonderful that she could be there. Almost everyone from his "section" in his office came to celebrate our little boy! Even a few wives came that we had never met before. It meant so much to us and we are thankful for the support system we have here. It's true that the people, not the place, always make home feel like home. We got set-up with a few things off our registry that we need and I have to say, it's fun (and strange at the same time) perparing for this kid! Sometimes I still can't believe i'm actually a mom. I had always hoped that one day i'd be preparing for this and here I am! Aaron is going to be such an incredible dad, too. Just last night, baby was moving around a ton. He likes to curl up on my left side in the evenings after dinner time. It makes my stomach look very lop-sided. Then I poke at my stomach just to mess with him. Aaron gives me a hard time for doing this, but seriously!? If you had a person growing inside your stomach, you'd mess with him too! It's amazing. Last night Aaron put his ear/head on my stomach and the little guy gave him a nice swift kick! Aaron jumped up and had such a big smile on his face. He loves it. :) We can't wait to kiss his sweet face!


Anonymous said...

What fun! Both the party & the KICKS from a very busy little boy.

I can't wait to kiss his face too!

Love, Mom

Goin Crazy in Kansas said...

i always enjoyed the feeling of a moving baby too...try a flashlight! they say it helps stimulate the brain too

Vitaliy & Maureen said...

So neat! Love the idea of making your own burp cloths. I really doubted this when I was pregnant but what you hear/read is true, you really cannot have enough of them! You use them so often, they might as well be cute and fun to look at. :)