Friday, February 25, 2011

Yes, I am THAT mom.

...You know, that one that tries to do everything "just right" the first time around. Yeah, the one that makes all the "seasoned" mamas laugh (because they really know that nothing ever goes the way you imagine it!) and the whole reason why the book, "I was a really good mom until I had kids" hit the market. Well, today my OB gave me the paperwork for the hospital i'm delivering at. Though i'm not even quite 26 weeks, apparently the hospitals need the paperwork at least 60 days in advance. So what did I do after getting that paperwork? Went home and filled it out right away. I also admit that I started packing my hospital bag. Ok there. I outed myself.

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EricaA said...

Believe me... you can never do it early enough because you never know when he is going to come! I made that mistake.. I wasn't completely packed. Let me know if you need any pointers on what to pack!! :) YEA!