Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Stop, Kiss and Listen"

This is the title of an article I just read in a magazine called "Woman's Day." I started getting this magazine in the mail about 4 months ago and have been baffled as to how. I never subscribed to it, never paid for and have no idea how it started coming to me! But I think it happened for a reason: God's reason.

Cole is a little boy who was diagnosed in July, 2008 with a rare cancer found in less than .2% of children. It started with a tummy ache and then took his life just 8 short weeks later.

His incredible parents started a foundation and a memorial Web page called C.O.L.E.'s Foundation (Caring Openly, Loving Eternally.) Their mission in life is to help other families walking the journey of childhood cancer. They use their Web site to share their stories and accept donations. During difficult economic times, it's tough to pay your own water bill let alone give money to support such organizations, but there is no better time.

From reading about Cole and visiting their memorial page, I am compelled to give. I encourage you all to consider giving; Maybe not to this cause, but I encourage you to pray that God open your eyes to a cause that you can financially assist to help ease the financial burden of others.

If nothing else, please visit Cole's memorial page at www.colesfoundation.com and read all about him and many, many other little babies who are fighting childhood cancer.

"All we have are relationships....Nothing else really matters." -quote from Cole's dad, Aaron Ruotsala

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dgordon said...

So true...relationships are at the heart and soul of life. I was deeply touched after reading Cole's family's story and the others that are featured on this site. It reminded me how trivial my struggles are, right now!