Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Time is Here

Civil Engineering LT's! Aaron think he looks pretty cool in that UW tie. ;)

My love and I at the party

Last night was Aaron's squadron Christmas party and we had a lot of fun! All the LT's did a skit that had everyone laughing. Of course...making fun of the Colonel and Major was could it not be?? And plenty of making fun of the "fire dogs." It was all in fun and everyone took it that way. I took a few pictures because I wanted to make sure I got a shot of John's sweet Christmas sweater. Their skit included a Christmas sweater fashion show, a poem and more (but I won't go into the details since you really had to be there to laugh!)

I sure love these guys. They're all like brothers to not only Aaron, but to me as well and they have been a huge blessing to us.

So Aaron and I only have about 10 more days until we're off to Washington for Christmas! I can't express how wonderful this will be! Cookies and gingerbread houses with the fam, hottubbing and wine parties with my girlfriends and much much more!

This year, we decided to purchase gifts for a family rather than for each other - Maybe we'll exchange a few small things, but nothing big. Aaron and I realized this year that Christmas gifts are a bit stressful. I think this is the first year I haven't cared much about them. I think it might be something like how a parent would be more excited about watching the joy on their 3 year old's face as they open presents - that sounds like more fun than opening any presents of my own! We're really excited about giving to this family. There are 3 kids and the youngest has cerebral paulsy. Their grandmother who helped care for them just passed away this year, so its been a rough year for the entire family. We picked out some really sweet shoes, a few sweatshirts, nintendo games, books and a remote control truck for the little guy. I had so much fun online shopping for them!! We decided that we would wrap the gifts and give them to the parents with blank gift cards on all of them. We want the parents to sign them so that the boys think the gifts came from them. ;) They never need to know the truth because it isn't important.

More than anything, I just want to enjoy time with my family (I am so excited to finally see my sister prego in person!!) I also just want to spend time focusing on what God might have for me to do for Him in the next few months.

I don't mean to sound like a debbie-downer, but life hasn't been the easiest the past few weeks. I know what i'm going through is nothing compared to some, but to not get too specific, i'm going through a painful trial right now that isn't easy. I am thankful for the love of Aaron and how God uses him to fill my life with joy, because i've really needed it! I am on a new life journey right now and i'm trusting God every step of the way even though I feel like i'm walking through a dark tunnel with a blindfold's all pretty unclear and confusing. On the up-side, I am thankful that God uses these times in our life to reform and grow us. So I say, "God, mold me and make me into who you want me to be" because that's all I want! Nothing matters if i'm not doing what He has planned for me to do.

God is in the good and in the difficult times and probably most present in the difficult. And that's how I find a place of peace.

Merry Christmas!


The Scheuffele Family said...

I have to say...that sweater IS pretty sweet! We are looking forward to seeing you, too! Addie has a big kick all saved up for ya...

Anonymous said...


It is so true that we learn to trust in the "real" sense when things get more difficult to bare. At times like this Philippians 4:11-13 takes on a whole new meaning. You can do "everything through HIM who gives you strength". And that whole being content with your circumstances...well...need I say more? I watched It's a Wonderful Life" last night - a Christmas classic. Everything is relative and sometimes we need a "perspective adjustment". Here's a sweet praise...your dear husband is home for the holidays and beyond!!


The Chases said...

What is your address?

..melissa.. said...

Ohh man, that is an amazing tie!!

Great idea about buying for a family. Jesse and I aren't buying gifts this year at all. Christmas loses it's excitement with no kids or family around.

I am keeping you in my prayers and thoughts :)

dgordon said...


I'm looking forward to an update!