Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm a lucky wife!

I married the most amazing handy-man! For as often as I get frustrated with the seemingly endless construction in our house, we are finally about 95 percent finished! Thanks to Aaron for creating such a beautiful home for us to enjoy. Sometimes I stop and stare in amazement at what he has done and CAN DO! I feel pretty lucky because we save so much money on things like plumbing and electrical issues. I tell you what, i'm convinced my honey can do almost anything! I've asked him before, "How on earth did you know how to do that?" And he says, "I don't know, I guess I just read up on it and then did it." Uhh, wha?? That just seems foreign to me. I think it's quite a gift he has.

Some people can pick up any instrument and play it, he can pick up any tool and use it or take on any project and figure it out! Also, since he's an engineer, the guys who work for him have tons of tricks of the trade, too. So sometimes he'll just run something by them and they'll step him through it a bit. WOW. Love it! Here are a few shots of how far we've come!

Our gorgeous dining room!

Our front door molding. I love the east-coast style. Very common out here!

Our finished living room (floors and all. Finally!!) But, you'll have to excuse our mess ;)

I almost can't believe this project. Much harder than it looks and it only took him a day! I love it. Yay hubby!!


The Naipo's (Jennifer, Noah, and Kealani) said...

wow it looks GORGEOUS! and yes, you are a lucky wife, but he's a lucky hubby too! =)

dgordon said...

Aaron - you are a genious! Jenny so are you for loving him! You two make a mighty fine pair. I LOVE your house. The trim, floors, railing and walls are simply gorgeous!


The Scheuffele Family said...

Lookin' good my sista and my brutha! Next project, house. Welcome to the family :)

Aaron and Jenny Meredith said...

Ha, nice try sis! Thanks for the comments ladies! :)

bre said...

It's all so beautiful! Thanks for letting all of us sneak a peek! Jenn give Aaron a pat on the back for me, and then Aaron give Jenn a hug and a slap on the....

(Use your imagination!)

Love you guys!!

Aaron and Jenny Meredith said...

Bre, you bad bad girl! I love you!! Haha