Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!

I got up early this morning to take Aaron to work and the snow was just starting to fall. By the time I was leaving base, there was already almost an inch!

It's still snowing like crazy and i'm bundled up in my blanket blogging and watching it fall. I love it!

By the way - for those of you who may not know - I am currently staying home full time to finish our house and get it ready to sell in early March. I'll also be volunteering each week for Sanctity of Life Ministries which is a pro-life organization that assists women (and men, too!) through the process of pregnancy and raising their children. I'm looking forward to helping out however I can.

Aaron and I are getting out of the military in June and plan to move back to the Northwest! So Aaron is looking into different options for work in civil engineering (Employers...act fast! He's a catch! hint hint) and we are so thrilled to be closer to family as my sis and bro-in-law are making us an auntie and uncle for the first time in mid-March! We are excited to cuddle and spoil little Addison! Aaron's brother, Jesse, is marrying his lovely fiance, Jen, this August and they also plan to live in the NW. That means we'll be taking a trip out to Alaska for the wedding! We can't wait!

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Jill Ellingson said...

Yipeee! Can't wait until you move back here...I hope it is here! Looking forward to it. Question? Is it hard for Aaron to move after doing all this work on your first home? That is hard. I was thinking that when I was reading a previous post the other day. I will pray for a buyer and that it will sell fast.