Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ohhh the curse on me!

5:45 a.m. Wake up to take Aaron to work (we only have one car right now...)

6 a.m. Out the door, 1/4 awake. Eek. At this point I do remember mentioning, "Honey, I left my cell phone in the house, but it's ok, let's just go." After all, I would just be coming right back.

6:05 a.m. We see Aaron's buddy driving in front of us (they had some sort of early formation this morning) At this point, Aaron suggests, "Hey, i'll just call John real quick and tell him to pull over so I can catch a ride with him and you can turn around and go home." "Sure, that's fine", I said. "But I didn't grab my keys, so i'll need your's." Alright, I assumed (emphasis on that) that Aaron would just take his office key off the key ring. So, he stops the car and we both get out. He hops in the car with John, I hop in the front seat of our car.

6:10 a.m. I arrive home, reach for the ignition and ONLY FEEL THE CAR KEY! AHHH!! That's right, snowing and all, locked out of the house! By this point, i'm starting to wake up...about 3/4 now. "Alright, i'll give him a quick call" is what i'm thinking to myself. Within seconds I remember that my cell phone is locked in the house!

6:25 a.m. Yep, i've been sitting in my car for a bit contemplating what to do next. Option 1: I can drive to base, but have no idea where Aaron will be for his, well, whatever the heck men in uniforms do at 6:30 in the morning.....cleaning the guns they never use in the Air
Force....something like that. Option 2: I can go knock on our friends' door (the husband gets up pretty early) but I absolutely knew i'd freak the heck out of his wife....I know this because she's a lot like me. Option 3: Wait and hope one of my neighbors is leaving for work and I can ask to borrow their cell phone really fast.

6:30 a.m. Yay! I see movement in the darkness!! One of our neighbors whom we haven't even met yet is just starting her car. I hop out of our car, run over to her and as not-too-creepily as possible, I explain that i've been locked out of my house, my cell phone is inside, and wondered if I could trouble her for a few minutes to call my husband. She was very sweet and handed over her phone right away. I catch Aaron and explain to him what happenend and I get this,

"Oh. Hmm. Ok." (so enthusiastic.)

Uhhh, honey!! Do you hear what I'm telling you?!? It's the butt crack of dawn and i'm locked out with no cell phone AND it's snowing!! I ask him to call our neighbor to let him know i'll be knocking on their door and to ask if I can stay warm in their house until Aaron's meeting is over." That's when Aaron says, "No, just go over there and knock." I say, "Right, and give the poor couple a heart-attack." Anyway (why are we wasting time arguing about this??), Aaron finally agrees to call them, but they didn't answer their phone. SO, I drove over to Andrews and just got home after sitting in Aaron's office waiting for him so I could get the house key, hair all over the place, pajama pants, NO BRA ON! (don't worry, I was wearing a big fluffy jacket.) Some of the guys offered to make me breakfast, but in my mind i'm thinking....("I just want to put a bra on and brush my hair.")

Moral of the story: We'll be hiding a house key by our front porch.....sigh.....


Erica said...

Ok, first of all... JUST KNOCK...lol. Second of all, we have this AWESOME key holder thingie on our front stoop with a key.. check it out... definitely DO NOT hide a key... someone will find it.
thirdly, sorry Chris didn't answer, he was at the gym. PLEASE come knock.. no heart attack here. Promise... sorry you had to go through this.

Jennifer said...
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dgordon said...

It's hard to think ahead (or at all) when you are half asleep!! Bummer that everything kind of went sideways, but minor irritants in the grand scheme of things! I like to have an alternate way to get in to the house, just so I don't need to carry my key when I go for walks.

We are always learning!

Loves and hugs!

..melissa.. said...

I didn't get to comment on this earlier..but oh my gosh..I love the last line about wanting to brush your hair and put on a bra! hahahaha Classic!