Thursday, October 9, 2008

So many updates!!

So as i've promised, pictures are finally here! Aaron and I have been working so hard on the house. We finally have a kitchen and if you ask me, that means things are really coming together! There's still a lot of touch-up yet to do, but we're getting there. I had to include a picture of my oh-so-amazing Kitchen Aid mixer (thanks to Gramma G!) because i'll be cooking some yummy cookies tonight for a party with friends tomorrow night. Our good Air Force buddy, Grant, has just been accepted to the FBI (yeah!!) so our "Secret Agent Man" is off to Quantico for 9 months of "hell" as we've heard.....but hey, if you ever meet this guy you'd think, "wow, i'd definitely want him spying on all the bad people!" He's so great.
I had to include a picture of our Honeymoon as well, which is way over due. We had such a wonderful time on the Washington Coast. It was so relaxing and just what we needed!

Also, the latest BIG news is that i've just accepted a new position at a non-profit here in DC called Military Families United. This organization was first started in 2005 by a woman named Merrilee who was the first mother to lose two of her sons in the Iraq war. I am so honored to be apart of her effort to not only reach out to Gold Star families (those who have lost loved ones since the war began), but to also reach out to Blue Star families (those who currently have a loved one serving.) It is also important for us to have a presence out here in DC with our government officials so that we can help educate people on why we need to support the troops to finish the mission we have in the Middle East.

The team of people who make up this incredible organization are amazing and they all have HUGE hearts for our beloved military personnel. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of families as well as doing some event planning, Web site work and writing their newsletter. I know i'll really get to put my skills and gifts to work!

Well, i'm off to a Dr. appointment (thrilling) so i'll have to write more later. I hope this update finds you all feeling blessed!

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..melissa.. said...

Yay! Pictures!! Love them and I love your kitchen! Looks great!! The beach picture is great! What beach did you go to?? Looks beautiful!