Saturday, October 18, 2008


I absolutely love fall and everything that goes along with it. The changing of the leaves - The tree in our backyard is a purple color...amazing! I love hot apple cider, apple pie (my specialty), cozy sweaters, scarves, rain boots, fun jackets and I just love, love, LOVE the crisp-ness in the air. We've had very warm, unseasonal weather up until yesterday. It dropped from 80 and humid to about 55-60 degrees overnight. I can't get enough of it yet!

Today we visited a farm in Maryland with some Air Force friends, Shawn and Angela. Aaron and Shawn deployed together in 2007 and have been great friends ever since. They just had their first baby in December 2007, Maddeline, and she's a doll! She loved climbing on the pumkins and we found one that was just her size. We really got into the whole experience. We took a hay ride out to pick our own pumpkins, drank hot cider, sampled the carmel-apple pie (with ice was a sin!) and we couldn't leave without purchasing their fresh apple butter, apples, peach jelly and apple cobbler mix. I just love local produce. You can't beat it!

Many thanks to Shawn , Angela and Maddie for a great kick-off to a fun-filled, enjoyable fall! You guys are awesome!


Mari and the girls said...

You look so cute in your fall-attire! I love the scarf!

It did the same thing here with the weather, 87 one day, 58 two days later! It was crazy...

grannyj said...

Jenny, you look so happy and healthy. I'm assuming the lip problem has been solved. The fall in the mid-west and east coast is so beautiful. I miss it so. Romp in the leaves for me. I look forward to seeing you at Christmas.
Sending you hugs and smiles, Joan
ps: please forgive the use of grannyj--with all these grandkids :) made me smile