Friday, October 31, 2008


I've spent the latter part of my work day researching Web sites and becoming familiar with all of the wonderful things military organizations are doing. Not just for Veterans and soldiers, but for their families - Wives, husbands, kids,'s truly amazing.

I've also spend quite a bit of time watching tribute videos, reading articles and looking at pictures of fallen soldiers and their families. Not only do I care about those who have given their life for the freedoms of this country, but I have such a desire to care about each fallen man and woman individually. I feel a knot in my stomach every time I hear a report of a local fallen soldier. Mostly it's because it sounds something like this, "So and so has been KIA in Baghdad. He/she attended such and such high school and are from the town/city of _____. Now, back to you, so and so, for the sports report!" Thanks. We appreciate your compassion. I mean, I realize that a news station or newspaper can't possibly spend enough time talking about the precious life of a person...all the people they touched, why so many loved, respected and honored them. But, let's make no mistake that each life is important and valued. Each of those fallen men and women represents a legacy and a life filled with so much. I am honored that I can even attempt to scratch the surface into seeing just what their lives entailed.

I am blown away by so many of these Gold Star families (families who have lost loved ones to war). The ones i've had the pleasure of reading about. They are filled with so much passion and patriotism. I cannot image what it would feel like having a military medal and American flag placed in my hands at the funeral of my son, daughter, father, mother or spouse. And not only that, but to then move forward with so much strength.

I am also proud to see that despite their pain, these families can still stand and say, "We honor the mission. We honor the troops." Because guess what people?? The media gives you SO LITTLE COVERAGE. When will you see the truth?? These soldiers care about the people they are going over there to save. And they care about Americans. Set a President's agenda aside, these men and women believe in what they do each day, and they give their all.

Try to imagine what life would be like without our military? You can't. Because you'd be dead. You would have already died from saying the wrong thing, or reading the wrong book or wearing the wrong clothes, or talking to the wrong people. You name it. It wouldn't be your right anymore.

Don't you ask me, "Well, why are we just in Iraq? What about Africa and the other impoverished parts of this world?" I'll give you some advice: Read or watch the story of Black Hawk Down. Our military went into Somalia to save the people there from Terrorists just the same as Iraq. And the only reason why we ever left there is because Mr. Clinton got scared when some of our men and women were killed. Not only did he pull out, out of fear, and left Somalia and it's people in the same dangerous, oppressive state it was in before we got there, but he also set our military up for failure. The mission was there, but not completed the way it should have been. Also, ask me in 7 months to give you an update on a friend of my husband's who's deploying to Palau next week. His mission? Humanitarian work. There are many more examples like these.

I deeply regret that the war in Iraq has become so political to the point that we forget what our military has done over hundreds of years. I also deeply regret that it has brought the American people to a place of true disrespect for the sacrafices made.

May we all observe Veteran's Day on November 11, and thank even one person for their service. May God bless our troops who have and continue to fight and sacrafice for YOU.

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grannyj said...

WOW!! I'm crying. Jenny, you hit all the nails on their heads. It is so heart warming to hear your words, the word from where I stand from a young person. Especailly where I live, a very left field, very liberal half of a state. You make me proud and renew my faith. Thank you. Sending you hugs and my love, GrannyJ