Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Write a Book?

I reconnected with a friend from my past the other day and discovered that she's pregnant with a boy and due just a few weeks before me. It's times like this that I LOVE Facebook! We started talking about our pregnancy experiences and also realized that we've had a very similar journey. So we joked about writing a book that we'd title, "The No BS Book about Pregnancy." What do you think? Maybe I should google that one to make sure no one else has come up with the same genius idea. Please know that I write this post with a VERY light heart as I recount the past 7 (approx.) months and realize that no matter what, I am SO BLESSED to be carrying this precious little baby! But let me give you a few reasons why I think a book like this would be funny and encouraging for first time pregnant mamas who thought those 9 months would be sweet, beautiful and perhaps even glamorous (wishful thinking!). Maybe if I'd had a book like this, I would have accepted much earlier that I was pretty normal rather than abnormal (ha!). A lot of these things MOST women just do not talk about! But leave it to me (of course) to be shame free!:

1. Morning sickness is not just for the morning. You can have it anytime, all day!

2. Leaking boobs are not just for breast-feeding mamas. Oh no, that can begin much earlier.

3. One word: CONSTIPATION!

4. And another that quite possibly follows: Hemorrhoids. Oh yeah, nice.

5. Gas that comes out either end or often both at the same time! Your husband never thought you had it in you.

6. Passing out. It can happen anytime, anywhere. But I don't recommend throwing up all over your neighbor's living room right after you come back to. Ugh. (But I DO recommend having really sweet friends who don't hold it against you!)

7. Dizzy spells. It easily makes you want to throw up just watching someone turn in a circle.

8. Seriously MESSED UP eye sight! If you have 20/20 vision before pregnancy, enjoy it while it lasts! Though it often returns back to normal once the baby is born (so i'm told.)

9. Discovering that even your stretchy sports bra no longer fits. I never thought I'd have to "stuff" myself into something...if you're catching my drift. Wow, I almost can't decide if I might actually be excited about this!

10. Last, but not least, my personal "favorite." You might pee a little in your pants everytime you sneeze. Just sayin'.

So I have others I could list, but I thought I'd keep it to the "Top 10" for now. Thankfully I can laugh about most of these things now. Pregnancy is such a unique experience that I would go back and do again because I love my kid so much! Though let me be real folks, I won't be begging to do it again anytime too soon!

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