Monday, March 14, 2011

Showered with so much love!

The planners: Charlie, Chel and Brigitte
Girls just wanna have fun! Monique, baby Arianna, Anne, Brigitte, Chel, me, Charlie, Rebecca, baby Asa and Michelle :)
That friend you see on the far left looking so innocent holding her baby?! She shoved that cupcake in my face. Mmmmhmmmm!
How cute is this?!?

Seriously! Where do I even begin to share about all the FUN we had! I'm always thankful for the amazing girlfriends I have, but it's also overwhelming at a good way! These girls are like sisters! Charlie, Chelsea and Brigitte planned this amazing shower for me and my boy. Charlie and Chel are both elementary school teachers - Can you tell? Brigitte is a graphic designer. They are so creative! The thing I love is that I look at this group of women and realize that the story I share with each of them is nothing short of an act of God. I met each of them in such unique ways. That never happens by accident! I feel soooooooo blessed!

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