Friday, March 25, 2011

The Familiar Anticipation

One of the first pictures Aaron and I ever took together. :)

I've recently been reflecting on the parallels of this time of my life with another. Four years ago during this same time, I was anticipating a meeting with Aaron. See, we had started emails and phone chats more than a year before we actually got to see each other in person (I hadn't seen him since before I moved away to LA for college.) During the summer of 2006, Aaron sent me an email saying that he would be deployed to the middle east for 6 months that fall. At the same time, I was finishing up my final semester at Azusa Pacific. We both had important things to accomplish. From September to March, I hung on every word from every phone call and every word from every email. I didn't know how life would turn out, but I trusted everyday that God had a divine plan.

I had struggled through some things from my past through college and found it difficult to comprehend if reconnecting with the man I would soon marry could really be happening right then. But it was! I graduated from Azusa in December of 2006 and moved back home with my parents. I got a good job that I enjoyed and continued to stay in touch with Aaron...knowing that I was falling in love with him, but not certain of his intentions. In January of 2007, I planned a trip out east to attend my college roommate Julie's wedding. I talked this over with Aaron because I knew it'd be a great opportunity to see him since he was stationed at Andrews AFB. So I booked my flight into DC with plans to visit Aaron and attend my girlfriend's wedding with him as my guest in Pennsylvania.

Aaron returned from his deployment in early March, but I still had to wait to reunite with him until June 1. I remember the months that followed feeling long and I was anxious, but now it seems like a blur! June came and I still remember the moment I walked off the plane and saw him: khaki shorts, flip flops and his striped blue polo. For the record, he can still recall what I was wearing, too. I knew this trip would define our relationship and it did. Aaron told me that he was in love with me and I moved out to DC that August to be closer to him. We were engaged 7 months later and married 13 months after we were reunited on that hot, humid day in early June. Yes, we planned our wedding in 4 months!

Now I sit here realizing that in a similar timeline, we anticipate the meeting of our precious son. It's March 25 and he's due to arrive in early June. I can't help but smile as I realize God's sense of humor in all of this. I actually love it. And I love my life with Aaron and the blessing of our son. I am so thankful for how things have turned out and I look forward to growing in patience (yet again!) over these final two months.


Darren and Caitlin Moss said...

What a sweet story!

Anonymous said...

So funny Jen! I was just thinking about the events of your courtship! Mostly because I was trying to remember when Kirsten moved in with us the summer that you & Aaron became "official". So as I recalled the details of that time I remembered a conversation we had several months before that famous wedding..."what if he doesn't want to pursue a relationship?" you asked. I remember praying with you & for you & will always recall the phone call, shortly after you arrived in DC when you said "Mom, he does!" I couldn't have been happier & grateful for the way God walked you through it. True enough God's perfect plan unfolding is worth WAITING for, always! Can't wait to kiss the sweet tiny face of my grandson!