Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Crazy

It's official, we are snow crazy AND stir crazy! Since Friday, we got somewhere between 25 and 30 inches of snow. Old Town looked more like the Whistler Ski Resort (fitting, I'd say...) than it did a busy, happenin' city. We ventured out and hiked a bit on Saturday, ending up at the steps of one of the monuments. It had been turned into a snow boarder's haven. Pretty incredible!

Today (Monday), the entire city is bascially shut down still. The metro system can't operate above ground because there's too much snow piled on the tracks. My office runs on the Fairfax County School District schedule, so who knows if we'll even be open tomorrow. And the latest?? Another 6-10 inches in the works and hitting us tomorrow in the early evening! I must say, the snow is beautiful, but will this winter EVER end?!? I'm fairly certain I've asked that dreaded question every year since I've lived here. Thank the Lord for seasons and the hope of Spring!

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Dacia Gordon said...

Enjoy the snow - Whistler would LOVE to have even half of it right now!! Let the games begin!!