Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Casey Turns 2!

Look at this child. We just adore him. Oh, he's a handful but he keeps our lives exciting. I won't use the typical phrases like, "Wow, time flies!" Or "Where has the time gone?!" We know time is a strange thing. Sometimes it drags and sometimes it flies. I think the best way to describe the joy of having Casey is by saying thy we can't hardly remember life before or without him (or what we did with all our extra time. Ha!) 

He says the funniest things - I just need to take a moment to document them!
*car is "Kai"
*duck is "dutch"
*crayons and markers are "peeens"
*hummus (one of our favorite foods) is "hummi"
*yogurt is "yoie"
*banana is still "abba"
*he calls his Thomas the Train "Tommy" (I love it so much!)

We're in the early, early stages of potty training. He's so curious so we're just goin' with it. He sits on his potty whenever I go. He's also pretty good at telling me after he goes poo poo, but not before yet. ;-)

We're exhausted most of the time, but really doing our best to soak in all the sweetness and adventure that this kid brings to our lives!

Happy Birthday little bubbie!

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