Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Living Aloha

I'm still alive, my friends, still alive! I've been dragging my feet on posting any updates because 1) our lives have been nuts for about the past 2 months with our transition from Texas to Hawaii and 2) some things are happening that will require some serious posting and I just haven't found the energy for it.

Let's just say that I've felt in my heart that this transition would and will be a time of healing - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically for us. We're making strides in our faith, strides as a family and I'm also making new strides with my health battle. I've had some people comment that life is so great for us. "You have a cute family, sweet baby and now you're moving to Hawaii!" But sometimes I just want to stop and say, "Hey, let me take you out of my Facebook world and into reality...because life is messy, brutal and beautiful or brutiful" (as Glennon calls it.)

Oh and please allow me to have my cheesy "star-struck" moment while I blog here. I totally got a personal email from Glennon, the Mama-Monkee herself. And it made my day. She is a genuine soul.

Now back on topic. So yes, we are blessed to live in this paradise of a place. I would be lying if I said it seemed like every other time of our life. We seriously have the beach outside our door, fresh fruit everywhere and it's pretty easy to live "Aloha" when you're in a place where people aren't typically in much of a hurry (we'll see if that gets a little irritating after a while) and it's easy to make friends. People are open here and unafraid to put themselves out there. It must be part of the culture and I LIKE IT.

We're super excited to move this week into our newest home in Hawaii. It's the cutest little plantation style home with lots of character and some serious classy-vintage appeal. Craigs List here on the island is like hitting the lottery. So are garage sales. People practically give their top dollar furniture away because it's cheaper than shipping it off the island when they move. So our friends we're staying with have been so kind as to allow us to accumulate amazing treasures in their garage. I'll be sure to post some pictures of our humble abode once we get settled.

Casey seems to be adjusting quite well to being an island child. He practically dives into the ocean which makes my heart skip a beat, but at least he's not afraid of water. We plan to get serious about teaching him to swim - maybe even paddle board - sooner than later so that he does all of it safely as he grows. It's the perfect age to start teaching these things! My only complaint with his adjusting is that he's decided that 6:30 am wakeups are super trendy and cool rather than his usual 7:30 or 8 am wake ups before moving here. I'm known to grumble a bit as I get out of bed...I admit. But nothing beats waking up to daily sunshine if one MUST get up at the crack of dawn. I really want to be an optimist!

Aaron is hating his new job. He has a view of the ocean AND the beautiful Hawaii mountains. Wouldn't you hate it too?!? Obviously i'm kidding. He LOVES his new job - the people, location, type of work he's doing. LOVING IT. I couldn't be more happy for him.

So life isn't perfect. But it's good. It's an abundant, joy filled life...which is outside of our feelings and more about faith. God is good and we give him all the glory.

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