Saturday, March 24, 2012

Toy Storage - Pinterest Inspired

I've been eyeing this Pinterest project for WEEKS and I finally got motivated to make it happen. For $15 dollar and only about 20 minutes of work, I think it was worth it. Read below about how I made it . It's super easy - trust me!
You'll need 6-10 buckets. I found these at Target in the Dollar Spot. Perfect! But i'll warn you: I was going for 10 but could only track down 7 in San Antonio (thankfully all at the location by our house.) But after asking other stores, they were completely sold out. I doubt anyone else used them for this purpose since they're drink buckets, but handy are these?? Using only 6 still worked just fine for our toy storage needs.
Just grab your husband's drill and switch out the drill bit to this:
One with a pointed tip is what you want to use so that you can drill right throught the plastic. I just lined the buckets up how I wanted them and eyed it. You could mark where you want the holes with a pen or marker. After drilling the holes, use zip ties (I didn't take a picture of this because it's pretty self-explanatory) to hook the buckets together. It's easy as pie.
I'm using it up-right to also block our fire place from a curious little boy, but it's really cool laying flat as well.
Can I just mention that the original Pinterest pin came with a price tag - from the company who came up with the idea - of $200. How crazy is that?! I wish I had come up with this idea first! Gotta love Pinterest.

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