Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The System

I've been wanting to share about my diapering system because we've finally found what works well for us! Cloth diapering is a process, but believe it or not it can be FUN! There are so many amazing options out there. I love to share my thoughts with other mamas who might be interested in the health, environmental and financial benefits of cloth diapering. And because this is the most common question I get - NO, it's not gross to wash poopy diapers in your washing machine! Everything comes out clean. No smells. That doesn't mean you won't have a few stains here and there, but one of my favorite things is to line dry my dipes outside (yes, just like grandma did!) and allow the sun to bleach the stains.

Also, some are concerned about water consumption with diapering. I wash every third day. Since we have such wonderful HE washing machines now, very little water is used. To be honest, we use more water in one shower than I probably do in a week of washing diapers.

Our favorite diaper cover: Blueberry One Size Coveralls. The added leg gussets are a must to protect against leaks. Casey has crazy poop - I've never found a disposable diaper that he doesn't leak out of. He leaks out of diaper covers that don't have leg gussets (the added layer around the leg opening.) He has NEVER leaked through this cover. We love it!

Our favorite prefold/fitted: Osocozy Prefolds and Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitteds. Ok, in all honesty, I think prefolds are prefolds - This is just the one we've used and like. But the Workhorse fitted is where it's at! This fitted diaper is UH-MAZ-ING. So easy to use and very affordable. It cuts down on the "bulk" of regular prefolds and hugs to your little one's body. I think it absorbs a lot better, too. Ever since trying these, there's no question that we've found our favorite system. I really have no plans to "try" anything else again.

Our favorite night diaper: Bumgenius One-Size Elemental. This diaper is wonderful because it has 3 layers and all of them are exposed. This makes for better absorbancy and easier washing/drying. This diaper has never leaked on Casey - Even after 14 hours at night!

Our favorite wipes: A bamboo/terry cloth blend from a sweet Etsy mama! Soft yet durable enough to clean the messes. ;) I have 3 dozen on hand.

Our favorite diaper rash protection: Burt's Bees rash cream and Bummis fleece liners. The Burt's cream is all natural and the fleece liners keep the skin nice and dry while still allowing moisture through to be absorbed into the cotton fitteds. These are truly a must when cloth diapering since cloth is not very breathable in general. I've heard of women cutting up their own fleece, but i'm personally a bit leery of the dyes in most fleece from the craft store. The Bummis liners are free of any harmful dyes and/or chemicals. Plus, i'm not convinced that it's cheaper to make your own. But again, this is personal preference.

So, why cotton frefolds/fitteds instead of a pocket AIO (all in one) diaper system? (Again, i'm only sharing my personal preference and opinion here so i'm not saying other systems aren't great!)

1) These diapers can only be used once and then must be thrown in the laundry. Obviously the fitteds we use can only be used once, but I reuse the cover multiple times if Casey hasn't pooped. I just wipe it clean and reuse. This means I only have a few covers. Saves lots of $$!

2) Rash creams can only be used on cotton without the risk of ruining diaper materials. Most, if not all (as far as I know) pocket and AIO systems can be ruined from diaper creams. I love that I can lather Casey's bum up if necessary without the worry of ruining the dipes. Furthermore, cotton can be washed with any type of laundry soap - Though I do still use Rockin' Green detergent. But once this runs out, I plan to make my own natural detergent. :)

*If you've never heard of diaperswappers.com, you gotta check it out! This is a forum where other cloth diapering mama buy, sell and trade. You can also get clothes, toys, etc. People use paypal and it's a very honest, easy way to get mega discounts on things. I've paid half the price for most of my diapering system!

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That is so awesome! Good for you.....maybe i'll give it a try next child :0 xo