Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Big Boy!

Our sweet Casey boy is two months today! I know I sound like every other new mom out there, but I truly can hardly believe how fast he's growing up. He's learning new things every day. Today we had his two-month check-up and he weighs 10 lbs. 11 oz! He's still only in the 15th percentile, but still growing steadily. He's also officially wearing 3 months clothing and can only wear a few outfits that are 0-3 months. He got a few vaccines today and it was a bit traumatizing...for ME that is! It just breaks my heart. He was super smiley and happy at the entire appointment and then - BAM - those darn shots! I may or may not have cried when I told Aaron about it after he got home from work. I'll give a run-down here of his likes and dislikes:


-His paci (Actually, this might belong in the "obsessed" category.) That'll be a fun habit to break!
-Being held
-Being sung to. His favorite is when I sing him a song that goes "Hey beautiful boy. Mommy loves you, she loves you. Most beautiful boy, in the whole wide world." It's supposed to be "girl" but of course I changed those lyrics. ;)
-Tummy sleeping. The pediatrician has warned me about this, but I only let him do it right now during naps. He's still a back sleeper at night until he can roll over sometime in the next two months.
-EATING! My goodness, this boy can eat. He nurses at least 7 times each day (and still at night...sigh....) and he scarfs it down in about 10 minutes. No messing around here.
-Standing - He's a very strong little guy!
-Being outside - He's not too fond of the stroller sometimes, but as soon as we get outside he's perfectly content.
-His Daddy! Case looooves Aaron. I know he loves me too, but right now I think it's because he knows I feed him! With Aaron, he just sits and stares at him, becomes calm as soon as Aaron holds him, and typically falls asleep too. However, he will not sleep for his mommy very often. Stinker.
-Skyping - I think he's fascinated by the colors and movement on the computer.
-Taking baths
-Swaddling arms out


-Sleeping on his back
-Having his diaper changed. I often say to him while he's screaming, "Really?? You don't want me to clean your poopy butt?!"
-Getting out of the bath. Hates. It.
-When I leave the room. He notices now!
-Swaddling arms in - This, I have to say, is the fault of the hospital. They said it was "better for his development" to have his arms out. Now I feel like calling them and inviting them over at 2 a.m. when my child has startled himself out of a deep sleep. GRRR.
-Napping (but only with his frustrated mama!)

He's now smiling a ton and starting to make noises when he smiles, too. I'm thinking we might get a laugh out of him very soon! He's definitely found his voice. He coos quite a bit and we, of course, think it's the darn cutest thing ever!

Aaron and I are having so much fun with this kid. Aaron always says, "I just love him!" whenever he's holding him. I couldn't agree more!

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