Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back In the Game!

Christmas 2010 with the Gordon fam!
Aaron and my dad the day the Seahawks won the Division - one of the best days of both their lives.
Addie sure loves her Uncle "Ernie" (Aaron) :)
One of Addie's favorite things about the Super Mall!
Cute as can be! And almost 2. I can hardly believe it!
My dad's face when he found out our baby has a penis. BIG DEAL since our family is flooded with GIRLS!
Aaron flying his new helicopter he got from my parents for Christmas. My dad bought himself one, too. Do boys ever grow up?
Sorry for the random bullet points, but here's the latest:
Washington was wonderful - it only rained a few days and the sun shined the rest (contrary to what people who are not from WA might think!)
  • My dad took Aaron to his first Seahawk game since Aaron last went in the Kingdome - Yes, that would be since 1988! They had a great time and of course it was a HUGE game since they won. Yeah!
  • Addie is growing up super fast - She's absolutely hilarious and says the funniest things. She's pretty advanced (verbally) for her age. Right now she loves Toy Story 3. And can you guess who her favorite character is? BIG BABY. Seriously - The creepiest character in the entire movie! When you ask her, "What does Lotso say?" She attempts to deepen her voice and says, "Hey Big Baby." SO FUNNY. She also loves Buzz, Woody and Jessie. Sometimes she'll just babble on and on and then at the end of a no-nonesense phrase say, "Buzz!" We watched Toy Story no less than 7 or 8 times while we were there. But I must say, hands down one of my favorite Disney movies of all time.
  • Addie also loves her uncle Aaron. Though "Aaron" actually comes out of her mouth as "Ernie." Easier to say I guess. And it usually comes out like "Eunie" almost with an East Coast accent. We die laughing everytime she says, "Where Eunie?? EUNIE! EUUUUUUUNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!" It really is comical.
  • I am not as cool as Uncle "Ernie." I'm the default when she's upset. I can be in a different room entirely and she'll be mad at my sister or Tim or really anyone else and you'll hear her yell, "NO Ney!" (She calls me "Ney" since she can't say the "Jen" part.) Oh well, i'm sure she'll grow out of this stage!
  • She can identify all the letters of the alphabet, as well as numbers 1-10. Her favorite letters are all the vowels.
  • Telling my dad that we are having a boy was his Christmas present. My dad has waited half his life to hear that a boy will be joining our family (well, he got Aaron and Tim, but this is blood relation now!) As you can see from the picture, his reaction was quite fantastic. I wrote a funny poem. It was perfect.
  • My parents got spa packages for my sister and I for Christmas. BEST GIFT EVER. Two hours of massage and facial. HEAVEN!
  • In case some of you are wondering, we found out at 15 weeks we were having a boy (not planned) but when I passed out the first time and went to the ER, they did an ultrasound just to be safe. Baby looked just fine. AND we saw "the goods!"
  • I was tired a lot out in WA...slept a ton and ended up back in the ER after a few more near pass-out spells. It takes a lot out of me. Still, they can find nothing "abnormal" as they put it. Yesterday, I almost passed out while driving. This is getting FREAKY and, quite frankly, RIDICULOUS. Driving and passing out is my greatest fear: hurting myself, baby and God forbid, someone else. :( I feel like an old person who needs to realize it might be unsafe for me to drive and I should really stop....The OB says I should stop working. But I haven't brought myself to do that yet. Like I said, this is getting ridiculous.
  • I'm still carrying very small. The OB says it isn't a big deal since everything (by measure) is spot on. I still think it's a bit strange, but I suppose I better just enjoy it.
  • I started really feeling our little guy move and groove the other day. I LOVE it! It's so surreal, wonderful and miraculous to feel! He's most active at night. This has me nervous for June! His nights and days are already mixed up. He's ready to rock and roll at midnight. I, on the other hand, am not. It's amusing now, but will certainly not be once he arrives!
  • Wednesday (1/19) is our 20 week ultrasound. I'm so excited to see our son! This will also be the time to confirm he is, in fact, still a HE. Yikes. It would be better to find out now than in the delivery room! Right?!
  • Wednesday is also a big day for Aaron. He is having his first cavity filled. This is a BIG DEAL since he's been saying our entire married life already (all 2.5 years of it...ha!) that he has "superior genes." DORK!

    More updates to come!

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Darren and Caitlin Moss said...

Good luck at your ultrasound! A friend of mine found out she was having a boy at her 14 week ultrasound and then found out it was a girl at 20 weeks! I hope for your dad's sake it's still a boy! :)