Monday, December 20, 2010

Lord, help me!

I am so excited to meet our little one for more reasons than one! First and foremost, because I can't wait to watch and see all that he/she becomes, who he/she will most look like, etc. But for goodness sake, my morning sickness is TERRIBLE and I desperately can't wait for it to be over! I'm still having trouble eating enough and still throwing up regularly. Sigh. And of course, Aetna still won't approve the only medicine that will actually work! I'm going in for my 16 week appointment tomorrow, so i'm hoping the doctor can help me figure something out. I've been doing my best to pack back on all the weight i've lost so far in this pregnancy from being so sick. I even had a crispy chicken sandwich from Dairy Queen the other night. Yes, i've resorted to a bit of fast food (NO McDonalds, though (ick)). I've been baking a lot more chicken and potatoes, but we'll have to wait and see what the scale says tomorrow. This might just be the only time in my life I will actually try so hard to gain weight. I pray I've gained the weight!

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The Chases said...

I feel for you! I was SO sick during the first trimester...throwing up all day (and night) long. It will be so worth it though =) Have you tried Gin gins? I loved those and they settled my stomach a little.