Thursday, December 9, 2010

Appointment Update

Today I went and saw one of the OB's in the practice I go to (I rotate between 5 and they're all wonderful!) She was disappointed when I stepped on the scale and was nearly back to my pre-pregnancy weight (112). Two weeks ago at my 12 week appointment I had gained up to 118 which was awesome. I've never been so excited to gain weight in all my life! And I never thought I'd be so disappointed to see 114 today. I have fairly high ketones in my urine and the doctor said that's a sign of lacking nutrition. Aaron and I have always been fairly healthy eaters....a lot of vegetables, fruit, etc. and I realized today how important it is that I start eating more meat and protein. I never anticipated this being such a problem! But it really woke me up. The doctor thinks the lack of protein is responsible for my fainting spell. Fortunately the baby is prefectly fine, so our little one must be taking all he or she needs! I heard the heart beat again today and that never gets old! My uterus is also up closer to my belly button now - It's the strangest thing to feel stretching throughout the day...I can't wait to start feeling the baby move!

Thank you all for your prayers. This is probably the best case scenario considering that it just requires a change in my diet (at least we're hoping this is the cause - we'll know sooner than later!)

So i'm happy to say that my first step in altering these eating habbits included a giant grilled chicken sandwich from Fudruckers right after my appointment! I think i'll enjoy the holidays with my new orders to "eat more calories!"


benjaminkerns said...

eat up!

Erica said...

I am sure your doctor told you, but does your prenatal vitamin have DHA in it? I had to get a new prenatal after they heard I didn't eat red meat or pork... anyway, just wanted to say I have been keeping up with your blog and am sooo excited for you. Hopefully we can get together after the holidays so you can meet sweet sweet Claire!