Saturday, June 26, 2010


I've been busy baking today! I recently decided that I'd start making bread myself instead of buying it. So far, so GOOD. Homemade bread is very tasty, but it is a bit of work. I think when it comes to bread, I already prefer the recipes with the fewest amount of ingredients. Some of them have eggs, milk, buttermilk, etc. and I just don't keep those types of ingredients in the fridge - esp. because of my allergy. This bread tastes so fresh and fluffy. You can't even compare it to store-bought stuff!

The other yummy treat I made is called "Do-It-Yourself Power Bars" from the cookbook Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson. This is a must have for the healthy baking/cooking enthusiast. It was recommended by the friend, Rebecca (thanks girl!) and I've been lovin' it ever since I got it! She's my awesome friend who is constantly introducing me to new fun crafty things and yummy food tips. Don't you just love friends like that?? So now I'm sharing the wealth, too! These bars are SO easy and fun to baking required! And they're packed full of delicious ingredients like dried cranberries and crystalized ginger (YUM!) This recipe is easily varied...I use almonds instead of walnuts. Heidi incorporates natural sugars instead of refined ones and let me tell you, you can taste (and feel) the difference. Try 'em!

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Rebecca said...

Hey I'm so glad you got the book and are enjoying it! I haven't tried those bars but they sound so good. Jonathan is in the midst of his detox diet once again and going through carb withdrawal :) Hope you're having a great summer girl!