Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet Love!

Ok, following my ridiculous blog-deleting mishap from a few days ago, I knew I was due for a special post. I'm still trying to figure out how I could manage to delete a blog I had spent so long creating. It was all about blasts from the from college and the life-long friends who have made life so much sweeter.
I dedicate this post to my dear best friend, Bre. We met my first year at Azusa and have shared so many life experiences together...both the joys and sorrows. True friendship. Boy, that's real life!

Well, Bre and her wonderful man, Jimmy, recently got engaged and I couldn't be more thrilled! The journey of marriage is such an incredible, refining adventure of sorts and who better to have an adventure with than the one you love!

So here's to Bre - a friendship that will always remain. And here's to Bre and Jimmy as they begin the journey. I love you both!

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