Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend we had a wonderful southern Virginia getaway with our dear friends, Jeremy and Leah Heise. Jeremy's aunt and uncle have a lake house and allowed us to come crash it! The claim to fame for this lake is that it's where "What About Bob" was filmed. So, in honor of it and to have a good night of laughing, we watched it! If you haven't seen this film, it's a classic comedy and I highly, highly recommend it.

Saturday we had gorgeous weather and there just so happened to be a family owned winery down the street from us (convenient!) so off we went to enjoy sunshine and wine. The boys also got to fish and Leah and I spent some time just chatting on the lake and catching up. We love these guys! Oh, and they've also just welcomed a new addition to their family. Sweet Aspen is a Swiss Mountain Dog puppy and full of so much spunk and love! I'm now lovingly referred to as "Aspen's auntie Jenny!" Love it! Here's a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Jeremy and Leah at the winery

Aaron and I at the winery

Sweet Aspen girl!! Check out those paws. She's gonna be a huge dog!

Lake view

Our getaway house

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..melissa.. said...

Looks like a wonderful place!! CUUUTE picture of you and Aaron..I want to meet him..let's make this happen :)