Monday, May 18, 2009

In the army now!

Well, not really in the army, of course. But, we did experience the most amazing army simulator at the Andrews AFB air show! We were lucky that we went on the "DoD only" day because i'm sure it wasn't nearly as crowded as Saturday and Sunday. We had a front-row view for everything! In the simulator we got to ride on real-life black hawks and convoys. They even gave us ID cards and had us "briefed" by an army sergeant on how we did. All I gotta say is that this is probably their best recruiting tool. I didn't sign up, though! I think I make a much better "supportive air force wife."

We toured through the two cargo planes we'll be flying in the next few months....a c-5 and a c-17. It's amazing how huge these planes are. I'm still trying to prepare myself for flying backwards and sideways...hmmmm....

The Thunderbirds were pretty amazing. I had to laugh a little when the kids would scream as they flew over us. They are SO LOUD! It wasn't that it was funny, I was mostly laughing at the parents as they would try to console their crying children. I mean, they know what they're about to put their kids through before it even happens! Mean parents! haha

We really enjoyed the Golden Knights. I just think these people have got to have one of the most thrilling jobs in the military. I know it isn't really fun and games when it comes down to it, but they sure put on a great show for all of us!

We got pretty sun-burned. It was cloudy most of the day, but I realized just how deceiving that is! Thankfully, my farmers tan and racoon eyes are nearly gone. It was pretty cute. We're just glad that we could go and enjoy the air show this year since Aaron is usually working at it all weekend and especially since this is our last one at Andrews. We won't miss everything, but definitely a lot of things about this place!

The Army Golden Knights

Prop-plane tricks. I honestly have no idea if this is right-side up, sideways or upside-down!

Of COURSE the Thunderbirds kinda steal the show.

Cozy-ing up in the c-17 :)

The inside of the c-5. HUGE!

Positively the most handsome man i've ever seen! I sure do love this guy.

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