Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is it Important??

I am at a crossroads in my job and have been struggling with the same thing over and over again. Which is more important?

A. To do my job correctly and uphold the integrity of my responsibilities?


B. By doing so, run the risk of jeopardizing the "like-ability" (i hate the term, but will use it anyway) my co-workers have for me?

I have found that it is rather difficult to obtain both positives. Why? Because I have a job that requires people to make extra effort. Clearly, some people don't like to make extra effort!! Even if it's for the RIGHT REASONS! I mean, can't we all just play by the rules?? I get so tired of the D.C. politics - Not just in the sense of true politics, but work-place politics.

It is easy to be swayed, but I am remaining faithful to my position that I have an integrity and respect to maintain with the senior management whom I report directly to. I try so hard to not be swayed by the lack of appreciation or disrespect for what i'm asked (not to mention) paid to do. We have rules that require employees to follow certain procedures. Often times the "procedures" aren't fun. Which means, Jenny's job sometimes isn't very fun.

Life is just dang hard sometimes. Really. End of post.

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