Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Wedding and a Tough Decision

Today my dearest, best college friend is getting married in California. Today I am sitting in my living room in Virginia writing this. I'm fighting back the tears to even make this post! I was supposed to be there, in the wedding, but Aaron and I made the difficult decision that it was just too much for me to go out there with Casey so soon after his birth. There are many reasons we came to this decision. I know I've disappointed my sweet friend, but I don't think anyone could possibly be more disappointed than I am. Bre and I have walked with each other through so many life experiences, it feels surreal that I'm missing quite possibly the most important one. Life is full of tough decisions, but that doesn't mean it gets easier to make them.

Bre, I love you and I pray blessings over your special day. You are so dear to my heart. Cheers to this beautiful new start! xoxo

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