Monday, April 26, 2010

As Promised....

So I have no idea why, but these pictures posted really blurry and they weren't like that when I edited them with Picnik (my FAVORITE picture editing program...and it's free!)

These just happen to be four pictures of some most treasured moments of the spring thus far. The first, a night out with our neighbors, Gini and Harper. We dazzled ourselves in 80's garb and rocked the night with our favorite local cover band, the Legwarmers. Anyone living in or visiting DC/Baltimore: They're a MUST SEE. Truly one of the best bands around. It's always such a fun time!

The second and third is from a recent trip to Charlottesville, Va. One of the most charming plantation towns and of course, the home of UVA (a little shout-out to our friends Chris and Erica Andresen....and BABY!) We met up with our dear friends, Aaron Watson as well as the Kelley's and enjoyed a sunny Virginia spring day at a local winery. Both Aaron Watson and Eric Kelley were photographers at our wedding. They've become such treasured friends of our's! Eric and his wife Lora were married just after us and they're expecting their first little boy any day now!

The fourth is of Aaron and I from the NeedToBreathe concert just a few weeks ago. We were lucky enough to have my cousin Jason in town from Washington and I had the pleasure of introducing him to my love for bluegrass/rock music. This band just so happens to help make life pretty wonderful. Check them out!

All for now. Until next time!

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