Monday, November 23, 2009

Sew, baby!

My sweet little niece, Addie, is the lucky recipient of my first project on my new sewing machine! Lets just say that I'm loving every second of my free time because I've been busy cooking, baking and crafting! My dear friend, Rebecca, let me borrow this simple dress pattern which I variated just a bit. I found a cute red turtleneck and white sweater to go with it so Addie can wear it this winter. But I also added some little lady-bug buttons to make it wearable in the spring/summer.

I am finally getting familiar with my machine by Baby Lock and it's amazing how many features it has. One of my favorite, of course, is the button hole feature. Makes life much easier! I bought from a great little shop in Maryland that has been so helpful. They've given discounts on supplies and have spent a few hours with me showing me some tips. They threw in a basic sewing course that I was all for!

I've been hunting for great fabrics and have found a handful, so more projects to come!


Kelli said...

This is sooo cute! Can you make me one too? =)

The Scheuffele Family said...

love it! Thanks, sista!

grannyj said...

Jenny, It's adorable. Great Job. Addie will look so sweet in it. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love you, J

Dacia Gordon said...

Absolutely adorable Jen! Can't wait to see you in 1 WEEK!!