Friday, July 31, 2009

First Anniversary! And leaving the Military....

What a year it's been! With all that has happened in the past year, it sometimes feels as though things have gone pretty slow. But when one of the best memories of your life was your wedding day, you look back on all of the wonderful things and it feels like just yesterday. Through all of the crazy ups and downs of 2008 and 2009 (so far) I can honestly and whole-heartedly say that I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone other than Aaron. He is my best friend and I always, always love him (even when i'm super mad! haha). What a gift the Lord has given us in one another. I love you, honey!

We had a beautiful, low-key anniversary this past Sunday. It wasn't anything fancy....but it was perfect. We bbq'd dinner at home and Aaron surprised me with roses! So pretty! Neither of us are into cards and all of that mooshy stuff; we'd rather just say how we feel :) Aaron has this amazing shish-kabob recipe and it's to die for! So he cooked that up for us on the grill. Such a special day!

In other news, Aaron's final day in the military was yesterday (Thursday.) The guys who work for him threw him a party/bbq for his going away. It was bitter-sweet that day. Bitter because being in the military can be pretty frustrating at times. You can feel thrown around a lot. Plus the deployments are really difficult. But I don't want to sound all negative. It was a sweet day, too. Sweet because the men and women Aaron has been blessed to serve this wonderful country with have been some of the best in the military without a doubt! As Aaron said in his "going-away speech,"....."I've had the chance to work with the best group of CGO's in the United States Military." Boy, Aaron is right! The other officers in the civil engineering squadron are just the greatest guys. They always keep me laughing and they're all like brothers to us! Aaron will miss his office.....the funny jokes, the hard work and seeing so much of that work come to fruition. Sturctures on bases all around the world are safer because of guys like these! I'm so proud of them. We will miss the "military family" the most. That kind of comradery isn't found everywhere you go.

So, thank you, honey, for working so hard and serving your country proud. It's been an honor to support you and the USA as a proud military wife!

Aaron's Colonel saying so many wonderful things about Aaron! I almost wanted to cry!
These guys are the best CGO's (officers) in the military that Aaron was referring to!

Aaron, Shane, Jack and Marcus

Can we say Southern BBQ?!? Declicious!!

Other than that, not a whole lot else is going on with us. Oh, my procedure on Tuesday went well. They did find more evidence of pre-cancer, so they removed it and its being biopsied. As my doctor report says, i'm officially "high-risk for colon cancer." Yippeee! But as I said before, thank God that we caught this early. I'm reading two books right now by Dr. Perricone that were suggested to me by a great friend of our's, Andrea (who has been SO HELPFUL through this process so far) and i'm planning to completely alter my life to follow his dietary suggestions as closely as possible. Lots of fish, veggies, fruit and other things. Dr. Perricone is actually a leading dermotologist, but he has done many, many studies on internal inflamation and how the diet we eat either prolongs our life, or promotes the growth of cancer cells and various other fatal problems. I'm thankful for the opportunity to become educated in all of these things. It's amazing how seemingly "random" things that happen can seem (in my case, weird skin issues, etc.) but that they are not random at all!! Everything is connected. So i'll also be seeking out an internal specialist in the DC area as my primary care doctor (they look at the human body more holistically).

Lastly, we leave this Sunday to spend the month of August in Washington and Alaska to visit our families and be part of Jesse (Aaron's brother) and Jen's wedding August 28! We are very excited!

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